Aniversal Midi controller

Updated 11/11/17 with circiuts for mux and midi I/O

The Animoog is a great software synth for the iPhone/iPod Touch. I have alot of fun with it since it is available wherever I go. The main problem I have is that I have fat fingers! The Animoog software has around 40 controls that are spread over many tabs and pages. By making a Midi controller, I can access all the controls easily and make realtime adjustments.

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This is the art work that I printed full page on letter sized paper where the margins had been set as low as possible. The print was then trimmed and laminated.

The microcontroller uses five or six CD4051 1-8 analog multiplexer chips. This allows over 40 voltage sources to be scanned. There is a Midi input using a 6N138 Opto isolator and Midi output. A number of switches and LEDs are matrixed with diodes to complete the user interface and a 7805 voltage regulator provides the power from a 9v source such as a battery.

The main multiplexor connections

Midi I/O

Content being updated 8/21/13

The source of the software is in two files.

The main C++ source
anicpu.ino is the main source of the program. As always the code contains pieces from other projects. The Midi In processing was developed and expanded in this source to decode more of the incoming data.
A header file that contains music stuff.
tunes.h contains some skeleton data arrays and Midi note defines. The note defines are used in the main code.
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