This page is an example of Web Audio and Web Midi (when using Chrome). The purpose is to provide useful examples of how you can use Web Audio and Web Midi. Use the "Save Page As" option in the browser to save a copy of the page and the files it references so you can then edit them and run the page from a file folder with out needing a web site. Once you have played with this page, try the patch2.htm which has two synths on the page...

werkstatt canvas mixer canvas scope canvas scope canvas
Debug text:

To make changes to this page, use the browser Save Page as and save a copy in a folder. Then you can edit the files and this page to customize it for your own needs. Note that when you load the saved page the background image will be missing. This is because the browser saves the images and script files in a folder and knows to translate the html tag arguments. The layout data also has the filename of the image, but the browser cannot translate it so you can manually edit it yourself. If you "Save Page as" in Chrome , in the Moog Werkstatt Patch Sheet - Live!.htm file change

    "keyboard", 0, 0, 0, 0, 8, "bgimage", "werkstattr.png", "imagesize", 2497, "scale", "relative", "target", "canvas", 
    "keyboard", 0, 0, 0, 0, 8, "bgimage", "./Moog Werkstatt Patch Sheet - Live!_files/werkstattr.png", "imagesize", 2497, "scale", "relative", "target", "canvas", 

Works ok in several browsers. Kindle Fire says it does not have Web Audio.

Have Fun! Peter Churchyard @codewizard58

Updated 7/28/2015