Midi "mouse" Violin

This page is still being constructed... 4/27/2013

Using an optical mouse and an Arduino microcontroller, I have built a Midi Violin. Hopefully you will feel inspired to start making your own devices. The components for this project cost around $65. The electronics was got at RadioShack and the wood was bought at Home Depot. A battery powered screwdriver/drill. a hot glue gun and a saw are tools you probabally already own. If you are going to do electronics then a soldering iron, a pair of thin nose pliers and a pair of side cutters are needed.

Thanks to
Moog Music
Bob Moog Foundation
for inspiring me to get back into doing electronics last year (2012).

The software that runs on the Arduino is based on software that I have written for the midi guitar, the Aniversal midi controller and the Doodlebug midi to keyboard convertor that can be used to play the Google Doodles.
This is the main software that controls the arduino (ATmega 328P) based controller.
This file is included into violin.cpp and provides the function that writes to the mouse.
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