Circuit Bending the Moog WERKSTATT-01

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Now that the Werstatt-01 is available from authorized distributors, I have designed this Werkstatt Broomstick Guitar to use the existing patch points so that no soldering on the Werkstatt is needed.

Block Diagram of Werkstatt Guitar

The body of the guitar is made of two circles cut out of 1/4 inch ply. I bought a 2x4 foot piece from Home Depot. Using a measure, I first cut the piece in half giving me two 2x2 foot squares. You can buy the wood pre-cut in 2x2 foot squares but it is slightly more expensive.

With a straight edge, placed across the diagonal, I draw a line about where the center is and then using the other diagonal draw a second line and where they cross is the center.

With a pencil, a pin and a piece of string I draw a circle that just fits inside the piece of wood. Using a saw I then cut out the circle. An electric reciprocating saw works great. The same is then done to the other piece. Next I draw two 9 inch radius circles. And with white paint fill in the inner circles. You can paint over the lines. Once the paint is dry cover the area where the 9 inch circle edge had been with masking tape. Draw the 9 inch circle again but this time it will be on the masking tape. With a sharp knife, cut along the line and peel away the masking tape on the outside of the line. With black paint cover the outside edge of the wood. When the the black paint is dry, you can scribe arond the edge of the masking tape and carefully remove it.