LittleBits Broomstick Guitar

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Using an Arduino as controller

The LittleBits KORG Synth Kit is a set of LittleBits modules that can be connected into many sound generating circuits. In this project I have used an Arduino UNO cpu to control the synth kit.

The broomstick is a 1 inch diameter dowel, 48 inches long. Attached to the broomstick is a piece of 1 inch PVC pipe that is held in place with a wood screw. 1 inch PVC pipe couplers are Hot glued to the project box and to the mounting plate. The couplers are a tight fit onto the PVC pipe and hold the modules in place. These pieces can be bought at your local hardware store such as HomeDepot or Lowes.

In a folder called littleguitar, put the following files.

The main setup and loop functions.
The mouse handler
Simple music player
Definitions for the music player
A simple example of something that can be played

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